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Just like the Naruto fanon you knew with less rules. Here you can make your guy as over powered as you want without have to worry about getting you page deleted or your guy banned. If you don't know about Naruto fanon wikia then this page is about making your own original Naruto character and even a story line. Please help my wiki grown by joining, editing, and adding pages.

Describe your topicEdit

Here are some of the little rules I will make.

  • Nothing higher then the Ten Tails, I dont want to see some new 20 tailed beast or anything.
  • Create realistic Fanon Naruto Character
  • Make this website child friendly, no nude artwork.

Some things I want to be done

  • Post different jutsu or dojutsus
  • create your character
  • you can create your own dojutsu,clan, and jutsu
  • try to get artwork for your character

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